Meet The Crew

Scott Carlson

The Owner and Founder of Utah Safe Company. He has many years of experience and has helped hundreds of customers get the safe or vault into their homes and businesses giving them peace of mind. From sales to delivery and install, he has done it all. Now he oversees it all to make sure you are getting taken care of the way you should be! From his humble beginning with three safes to now he appreciates every customer that trusts us with their safe purchase. ¡También habla Español!

Nathan Carlson

The former bodybuilder, he’s our go-to guy for deliveries and installs. He has been involved with Utah Safe Company since some of the beginning stages. His attention to detail when moving and installing safes and vault doors makes sure our customers get their safes in the right place.

Brady Stoddard

The OCD salesman of the shop. His attention to detail and customer service is noticeable the minute you walk in the door. He makes sure our customer’s needs are met. His knowledge of the safes available is incredible! He can answer just about any question you have and if he doesn’t know it you can bet that he will be quick to find out and get back to you!

Richard Eubanks

The teddy bear of the company. You would think by his size that he would be our mover but he is our greatest customer advocate. Customers are his number one priority. He makes sure our customers are getting taken care of even if it means harassing the bosses. We want to give him a special thank you for his service in the military.