Presidential 40

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Weight1333 lbs
Dimensions27.75 × 36.25 × 66.5 in

With our Presidential 40 safe, you get style, top security features, and peace of mind at having your valuables and firearms protected. Whether you need a home gun safe to keep your firearms out of the kids’ reach or a safe at the office to protect important valuables and documents, this safe can do it all. With 2.5 hours of fire protection and Palusol™ heat-activated door seal, our Presidential safes can withstand the mightiest of blazes. This fire-protected safe is also packed with security features to thwart any break-in attempts, from its UL-Listed Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical lock to its ultra-strong composite door and ball-bearing hard plate to protect from drill attacks. When it comes to your home, you should get the look that you want. So our safes come with a myriad of customization features to give you the best fit for your home’s interior. From textured, marble, and gloss colors to its 5-spoke ship’s wheel handle to the stylish woodgrain vinyl shelving, this safe becomes a conversation starter and welcome addition to your home. Our patented 4-1 Flex™ adjustable interior provides you with four different configuration options for the shelves inside your safe. Each configuration is designed to cater to the unique needs that you may have. These include:
Executive: This all-shelving setup is perfect for those who have a lot of valuables to store, and no long guns.
Sportsman: This setup is designed for those of you with long guns to store. It gives you long gun storage on one side, shelving on the other, with two shelves across the top.
EZ-Access: This interior setup is perfect for long gun owners who access their firearms frequently. This gun shelf is the easiest way to access all of your long guns and still gives you one side of shelf storage, along with the top shelves.
Collector: If you have a large long-gun collection, you can arrange both sides of your safe for firearm storage. This setup utilizes both the EZ Access and Sportsman gun racks, with two shelves on top for other valuables.

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Weight1333 lbs
Dimensions27.75 × 36.25 × 66.5 in


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