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American Security (AMSEC)

American Security ACF2020 TL-30 Safe

Sale price$5,300.00

Enhance the security of your valuables with our UL TL-30 listed composite money chest, proven to resist burglary attempts. The UL TL-30 badge signifies that the door can withstand entry attempts for a net working time of 30 minutes, thwarting common hand tools, mechanical or portable electric tools, picking tools, carbide drills, grinding points, pressure applying devices, power saws, and abrasive cutting wheels.

This top-notch safe is also a two-hour fire-rated sanctuary. Its door proudly boasts a factory fire rating of two hours at 350°F, successfully enduring an external temperature of 1850°F. The interior temperature remains below 350°F, ensuring the safety of your paper documents and cash during a fire, as paper material won't char at this level.

Crafted with an all-steel construction body and door, the AMSEC ACF 2020 is a robust choice. The 3 1/4″ thick body and 5 1/2″ thick door feature inner and outer steel plates enclosing a high-density composite material, enhancing strength. Thick solid steel bars surround the door and inner jamb, providing additional security.

The high-security combination lock is a standout feature, boasting a U.L. listed Group II key changeable lock with a million possible combinations. Handles and dead bars resist forced entry attempts, and the drill-resistant lock includes a hard plate covering locks and relocking devices.