Browning Armored US33 - Utah Safe Company
Browning Armored US33 - Utah Safe Company

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Browning Armored US33

Sale price$5,179.00

Tailored for enthusiasts of American-made products, the Browning Armored U.S. US33 is a versatile tactical gun safe offering various storage configurations. Ideal for gun owners with diverse collections, this adaptable safe combines high-quality protection, sleek design, and user-friendly layout. Rest assured with the S & G Type I Electronic Lock, designed for quick and exclusive access. The 11-gauge body and 10 active bolts ensure robust security, complemented by a substantial 730 lb. weight for theft deterrence and a 100-minute, 1680°F fire rating for added safety. Perfect for those seeking a multi-purpose safe with fully adjustable internal features, the Browning Armored U.S. Gun Safe US33 ensures a convenient and secure user experience.