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Stealth Essential Gun Safe - EGS23

Sale price$1,299.00
Lock Options:Electronic Lock
The Stealth EGS23, which is approved by the CA DOJ and constructed from a 14-gauge steel body and door, provides excellent firearm security. It features eight chrome-plated 1-inch steel locking bolts, with four active and four deadbolts on the hinge side. Access is granted by entering the correct combination into the highly reliable UL Approved NL Universal Lock UR-2020, which is manufactured and tested in the USA. This lock is further safeguarded by a hard plate and an internal re-locker, offering protection against punch or drill attacks.

Moreover, the Stealth Essential Gun Safe EGS23 offers 30 minutes of fire resistance at 1200°F and is equipped with an intumescent door seal that expands during a fire to prevent smoke from entering, ensuring the safety of your stored items.

Setting it apart from the competition is the customizable Molle interior door organizer, allowing for full customization of storage space. You can position pistol holsters at your preferred locations, remove or add accessories using the strap and snap system.

Additionally, the Stealth Essential Gun Safe EGS23 comes with an electrical outlet kit featuring three outlets and two USB slots for charging electronic devices within the safe. These safes have a stylish black 3-spoke handle and an extremely durable Armored Black Finish. To enhance security, they can be bolted to the floor using the provided four bolt-down holes and mounting hardware.
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